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4 months ago

School closures, grieving students and social media slang: Phil Redmond on his plans for Grange H...

At 72, the Brookside creator is returning to his first and greatest creation. He thinks it could teach the government...

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9 months ago

Colin Farrell on making The North Water: ‘It’s a relief that no one died’

Farrell and Stephen Graham star in the gritty new thriller about an 1850s whaling ship. However, the drama wasn’t con...

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over 1 year ago

Hailee Steinfeld on 'Dickinson': 'Fame is so easily achieved today'

As their joyously rule-breaking drama about Emily Dickinson returns, its star and showrunner Alena Smith talks fame, ...

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about 2 years ago

To the Maxxx: The Handmaid's Tale star O-T Fagbenle on his gloriously daft new comedy

The versatile British actor on subverting stereotypes, his loud musical family, and flirting with Scarlett Johansson ...

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over 4 years ago

When good TV goes bad: how Red Dwarf’s star faded

With the departure of co-creator Rob Grant after series six, the show lurched into comedy-drama, navel-gazing and, ev...

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almost 5 years ago

Bullying, cliques and fistfights: secrets from Eden, the reality show that nobody watched

Eden: Paradise Lost charts how Channel 4’s much-trumpeted social experiment descended into disturbing misogyny

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almost 5 years ago

When good TV goes bad: how The West Wing went south

After three sublime seasons, writer Aaron Sorkin responded to 9/11 with an unusually clumsy standalone episode that k...

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almost 5 years ago

When good TV goes bad: the straw that broke Downton Abbey's back

Matthew Crawley’s implausible recovery from paralysis reduced disability to a plot device and ignored the dramatic po...

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over 5 years ago

The mud-slingers: the most shocking presidential attack ads ever aired

With big lies, bad trips, nuclear bombs and now Trump’s Dangerous, political smear campaigns are some of the most dev...

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almost 6 years ago

Stephen Graham: TV's most terrifying – and mesmerising – hardnut

He’s famous for playing dangerous sociopaths, from This is England’s Combo to Al Capone. But for his newest role, Ste...

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almost 6 years ago

The Out-Laws: is this the blackest comedy ever?

Women are at the heart of this devilish Belgian drama, which is like Desperate Housewives … with many more attempted ...

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almost 6 years ago

Kneedeep in mud and midges: my trip to Eden

Channel 4’s new reality show releases 23 young people into the wild - and challenges them to build a new society from...

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